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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hellllllllo, blogger!

Over the past couple of weeks our family has been quite out of the loop (for several reasons that you'll have to read on to find out). I think that the easiest way to tackle all that we've been up to, is to do a little write-up on each of member of our family:

Sean has been continuing the daily grind, so to speak, and has been a HUGE help with Wip when he gets home. On the weekends, Sean and my dad have found something to get themselves into- leaving me to have the bed to myself! I don't mind him having some weekend fun, provided I get a nap the following day! We've also been preparing for Sean's college roommates to arrive next weekend for their "Roommate Reunion"...some of them we haven't seen in a year and both of us are ever so excited to see them again.

William has been busy getting a bruise a day...sometimes two! He's been completely weaned now for over a month and has almost all of his one year molars in (he won't let me check and see exactly how many). Our Sweet Wip is also sleeping through the night every night (praise the Lord!) and has plenty of energy by day (can I get some coffee?). William has also enjoyed spending time with his Grammy each Monday while I watch my friend's kids for her to work. He gets lots of one-on-one time with his bestest while I get to spend time with the older's a nice combo.

As for me, I've been muddling through. Ok, ok, I shouldn't say that. I'm doing very well now, but it's been such a hard past month. Since the beginning of July I've had two bouts of MRSA, two wounds that needed draining, packing, and antibiotics, and two very expensive trips to Dr. G. As of my last appointment, our baby is doing very well and has a nice, strong heartbeat. William had a wave of peace and serenity pass over him the second he heard his baby's heartbeat. It was such a special moment- they have a bond forming already! Since I was twelve weeks, we've been able to consistently locate the baby's heartbeat (despite how far back that little booger is laying) and it's so reassuring to hear. When I wasn't having adverse reactions to pain meds, or laying completely flat to avoid nausea, I was considering finding a part-time job. Isn't it funny how when you're not really looking for something, that's when God implements his BIG plan for you? I ended up getting hired by Gymboree to work part-time, starting next week. I haven't done retail since high school/college, but I always enjoyed it (and the discount!), and I am excited to see where this journey leads me.

Thank you for being patient with me while I got our family (errr mainly my health) issues straight. You knew I would come back sometime, didn't you?? Be honest. You did.

I promise to post more often and to maybe even get a picture of Sweet Wip in! You never know!

Have a great night, and even better tomorrow!

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Just in case you were wondering....

This isn't going to be much of a post at all- more of a message to my beloved readers to give a quick and much needed update.

First off, I am still alive.

I am still blogging.

I am still pregnant (just ask my puke-bucket).

And I have had two more bouts of MRSA (we are now at a total of 3).

I am just extremely frustrated with my health right now and am trying to sort things out and compile and somewhat coherent post for you all to read.

Please continue to keep our family in your prayers and I will update with more ASAP.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I'm in a fair amount of discomfort tonight, friends, and I am asking for your prayers. My arm has gotten a bit more swollen and sore as the day has gone on, and the Dr. G thinks it would be best for me to come in tomorrow for a quick update. I am so worried that the spot is not healing as it should and that I'm going to have to be lanced again. Mentally, I just don't think that I can handle having to go through that again right now...I mean, seriously, the third time in 3 months?? Please pray that everything will be alright and that the baby and I will remain healthy and strong.

Monday, July 6, 2009

This week's vid

Hey guys, while I'm in the swing of posting, I thought I'd give you a new video to enjoy. This one's not as much about the video as it is the song. I absolutely love this song and am putting it on my "birthing soundtrack". I immediately dial down about 5 notches as soon as I hear it's peaceful tunes...Enjoy!

Please join me in prayer, friends.

Hey there, strangers. Remember me?? I'm the blogger that's seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth. Lately I have been avoiding making a post- but why?? I know that I could use the prayers. I know that I could use the encouragement. I know that I could use the support. I just don't know why I haven't been posting.

The labs came back from my last culture and, as much as I hate to say it, it's MRSA again. I can't help but wonder why I'd be slapped with a bout of this again just after getting over one case, finding out that I'm pregnant, and enduring relentless morning-sickness. I hate to "why me", but WHY MEEEEEE!!!??? Seriously? I was just at a point where I felt like I was able to live as a normal human being. Sheesh.

The good news (I guess you could call it) is that my wound is healing SUPER fast this time and is responding well to antibiotics. I go back to the doctor next week to get rechecked and for more tests. I may be sent to an Infectious Disease specialist to see if I'm a carrier (I mean, what are the odds?!).

If you would, please pray for the following:

-I am on a strong antibiotic (sulfa based) that is classified as "ok to take in pregnancy for short term use". Please pray that there are no adverse side effects for me or the baby.

-That this will be my last bout of MRSA, that Sean will stay healthy, and that William and his baby will stay healthy.

-That we'll find out what I can do to prevent this from happening again (because, like the doctor said, I can't live in a bubble).

Thank you for you prayers and support. Goodness knows, I surely need them.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Noticeably Absent:

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted in so long. Quite frankly I've been in such a shitty (you didn't think I'd say that...did you??) mood that I didn't want to burden you with it. Until Monday I felt like I had food poisoning 24/7. Again, I have yet to get "sick", but I have felt like my body's been fighting off a no avail.

Monday was a good day, but yesterday was even better. William and I managed to meet up with some friends (Hi, Osborne family!) at the zoo, and we had a GREAT afternoon. We then made a trip to the bank, the grocery store, and even made some homemade beef stew for supper. Most days I would consider just being able to make a meal a good day.

So far, today's been just as good...minus one little bitty thing. I have another hard spot on my arm. This time, the spot is located on my under arm and it hurts just as bad as before. I'm praying that it's not MRSA again because there are so many antibiotics that I cannot take due to my pregnancy. Please join me in prayer, friends, as I await the results of my doctor's appointment. My appointment is at 4:15 and, if need be, the spot will be lanced today (ouch!). Please, Lord, don't let it be MRSA!!

I'll keep you updated, friends, with the results of my appointment. Thank you for all your love and support!