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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hingley Family Update:

Happy Saturday, friends! I sit here typing, windows and patio door open, listening to the sound of the rain pounding down on the earth below. If the weather decides to let up, we will be venturing to Norfolk's annual Children's Festival. If we continue to get pounded by showers, our "Plan B" is to head to the Children's Museum. Every weekend in October we have a fall festival on the calendar, and our perpetual "Plan B" has been to take refuge at the Children's Museum (luckily the weather has held out for all of them so far). Hopefully today will be no different than our previous weekends where "Plan A" was not disturbed...I was so looking forward to taking William to his first Children's Fest (As I have fond memories of going to the same event as a child).

William had his 18 month check-up on Monday and, aside from the shots, all went well. My son is just not a fan of needles, I guess. In fact, he was so ticked off from getting stuck that, with his eyes still closed, he ripped the band-aids off and threw them across the room. Ahhh...I love the drama! Dr. B also said that he is "well above a two year old level" and is ready for potty training, provided that we are! He also passed his Autism test with flying colors, so that's just a little more piece of mind for Mama (not that he was showing any signs, but you know what "they" say about ultrasounds leading to Autism...and we had to have a lot of ultrasounds with Wip because we weren't consistently able to get a heartbeat).

Thursday I had my 24 week Midwifery appointment, which went swimmingly. Madelyn is measuring 2 weeks ahead, but apparently that's not unusual for second babies. We also found out that because I have not been MRSA free at least a year, I am not a candidate for delivering in the Birthing Center. It was pretty funny because all three of the midwives in the group were scared to tell me, thinking that I would be crushed. Luckily for them, I had braced myself for such information. I also had already figured that I would not be able to use the jacuzzi (you have to sign a waiver saying that you realize the risk of infection may be greater if you use the tub) and really didn't want to be in a room with that tempting hot tub staring me in the face! I still get to use my midwives, of course, but I'll just have to deliver in the L&D unit. I will also get certain "perks", if you will, for being a Midwifery patient. I will not have to use an IV (unless strep-B positive), I will not have to be monitored as frequently, Madelyn will not be sent to the nursery, and the nurses will know not to ask me for pain medication (although I can still get it, if need be). All in all, I'm happy with their decision. After all, I don't want to risk my health, Mady's health, or the health of my caretakers. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you that I got an awesome "hook-up" with a doula! Usually doulas run a couple hundred dollars, but I was referred to one who is a "doula in training", thus absolutely free. We spoke on the phone the other day for at least 30 minutes and clicked instantly. She too had a spinal headache and understands my desire for no epidural...what are the odds?! We were not going to get a doula because, if delivering in the Birthing Center, my midwife would be able to act as one. However, because our midwife still has to run the center, she won't be able to be with me during my whole labor....thus, the need for a doula was born (no pun intended).

Our last bit of exciting Hingley family news is that I was promoted this week at Gymboree. I am now a manager that, not only gets a raise, but also gets a lot more hours. I will be closing M-Th and work a shift either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Sean will be home to put Wip to bed, and with the extra cash flow, we'll be able to have even more fun adventures on our days off. Praise God for answered prayers!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Can you believe how big our little Wip has grown in a year? I couldn't until I put these pictures side-by-side!

Pumpkin Patch

Here are yesterday's pumpkin patch pictures that I wanted to share with you:

We had to let Madelyn see how tall she was in Fall '09

The classic William, "Cheese" shot.

**Tomorrow's my 24 week Midwifery appt....I'll keep you posted as to how it goes!